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Title of the talk: "Patenting and Stem Cell Research" About the speaker: Dr Lisa Cowey MBA PGCert IP. Dr Cowey has over 20 years of professional experience, the first 10 years with high tech companies ranging from early stage spinouts to large multi-national corporations. She started her career with Oxford Instruments, a successful spinout from the University of Oxford. She has since held R&D and management positions in the UK, USA and Germany where helped to realize the commercial value of Intellectual Property originating from Public Research Organizations (PROs). For the last 10 myears she has worked with Universities and Research Groups in old and new Europe to help mthem commercialize technology and knowledge from the R&D sector through collaboration,m licensing and spinout including Oxford University, Warwick Ventures and Oxford Brookesm University.

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Lisa Cowey was the Team Leader for the EU Funded Project “Capacity building min Croatian technology transfer institutions in order to enhance research commercialisation activities”, and the Key Expert for R&D for preparation of the draft the Croatia Smart  Specialization Strategy. Lisa has a PhD from the University of Oxford, Department of Physics, MBA from Oxford Brookes University Business School where she specialised in the area of University – Industry Technology Transfer and a Masters level Diploma in Intellectual Property Law and Practice from the University of Bournemouth Business School.